Our Work

For Our Members

As the church in Kitchener, we labour to meet the needs of all those who gather with us.

Children’s Work

This is our vision concerning our children and young people: we are co-labouring with God to produce sons of God for the Body of Christ, and to consummate the New Jerusalem.

We’re labouring to take all of our children in the old creation and to coordinate with the Lord to make them His children in the new creation.

We’re labouring with the Lord for our children to receive the divine life and to remain in the church life their whole life and for them to make a strong decision to say: “I choose to be here! By the Lord’s mercy I will be here my whole life because, positively, I see something of the vision of God’s purpose; and negatively, I see that everything else is of vanity.”

It is to this end that we labour, pray, fight, serve, and minister, in one accord, to our children allowing the love of God in Christ Jesus to flow to them through us. May the Lord bless all our children and young people and may He preserve them in His love and grace.

The purpose of the children’s work in the church in Kitchener is that:

Each child would be clearly and definitely regenerated with the life of God, be baptized into the one Body of Christ, and develop into an adult believer in the church life becoming productive in God’s economy, having the full knowledge of the truth and a vital practice of the Christian life.

The parents and serving ones would fulfill their stewardship to God in raising the children to have a proper development in their humanity into preserved, trained and useful human vessels for God’s testimony and building.

The intermediate goals of the children’s work in the church in Kitchener are that:

      • We would make the children’s work an integral part of the church life.
      • We would develop cohesive groups of children’s workers which will focus on particular groups of children and their parents.
      • We would develop vital relationships among the members of the children’s worker groups.
      • We would develop vital relationships between the children’s worker groups and the children and their parents.
      • We would develop a partnership between the children’s workers and the parents of the children who are under the care of the children’s workers and the parents.

The long term goals of the children’s work in the church in Kitchener are that:

Each child would be clearly saved and baptized and fully prepared to advance to the young peoples work by the end of the sixth grade.

We would provide a children’s work that is respectable and honorable in the sight of the children, the parents, all the saints, our guests, and before God. The children’s work should be an expression of God’s love and care for the children, and of our seriousness and soberness in respect to God’s work with which we have been commissioned.

Youth Work

Our young people comprising grades 7 through 12 are cared for by dedicated teacher-shepherds. A Lord’s day (Sunday) meeting is held every week to help ground them in the Word and in the truth. Bi-weekly Friday night meetings are held with the purpose of gathering them to sing, pray, fellowship and have a time of enjoyment.  Together with other local churches, we hold a Summer School of Truth, in August, and we have retreats and special conferences for them at other times in the year.

We encourage our young people to take responsibility for their Christian growth by having daily time with the Lord, in the word and through prayer. They are encouraged not only to have a personal time with the Lord, but also to seek the Lord with one or two spiritual companions. They are encouraged to become fruit-bearing Christians who regularly share their faith with their friends. Finally, they are brought to understand that they are not merely the “young people” in the church life, but active members of the Body of Christ, who along with adults are building the church and preparing for the Lord’s return.

Campus Work

We support area Christians on Campus clubs by providing resources such as free Bibles, food and supplies for Welcome dinners. Families in the church open their homes, on a weekly basis, to invite students for suppers.  Our burden is to care for our own church young people and to preach the gospel of grace and of the kingdom to students and staff that they may be saved. Check the student newspaper at respective campuses or the campus Activities Schedule for meeting times and room numbers. To learn more about the club on the UW campus, see http://coc.clubs.feds.ca/.

We are burdened for the all campuses and research centreas in the greater Kitchener area and Guelph and are looking to the Lord that He would raise up many among us to labour in each of these places, including:


• University of Waterloo Main Campus and associated universities and colleges of U.W.:  St. Jerome’s University, St. Paul’s University College, Conrad Grebel University College, Renison University College and the Balsillie School of International Affairs.
• Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology and Institute of Quantum Computing,
• Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
• School of Optometry, University of Waterloo
• Wilfred Laurier University

• School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo
• Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University
• Faculty of Social Work Wilfred Laurier University
• Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

• The School of Architecture, University of Waterloo

• University of Guelph

Toward Non-members

We also labour to bring the good news of God’s full salvation to people in our community and to share the ministry of the age.

Non-believing Neighbours, Friends, Relatives

We are deeply burdened to reach out to the residents of Kitchener and surrounding communities through the means of Bible Studies, group meetings, and preaching of the Gospel. We are committed to achieving this goal by following the God-ordained way of Christian service and meetings. This involves:

      • Begetting new believers through gospel preaching;
      • Nourishing the young believers with spiritual food;
      • Shepherding, teaching, and perfecting all the saints, and thus equipping them to carry out the work of the New Testament ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16);
      • Prophesying (speaking for and forth Christ)–all for the building up of the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:3-5).

To carry out this divinely revealed way to accomplish God’s eternal purpose, and to develop a mutual care between the believers (which builds up the body of Christ in love), we have different kinds of meetings for different purposes. These include meetings for the spreading the gospel, for small group fellowship in homes through out the Waterloo Region and Wellington County, as well as regularly scheduled church meetings (where the whole church comes together) at our meeting place located at 100 Rittenhouse St., Kitchener, Ontario.

All of God’s children as well as all interested persons are welcome to join us. For more information please contact us through this web site.

Believers but Non-members

Deciding that Your Family is for the Lord

Bible Verses

Joshua 24:15 And if it seems wrong in your sight to serve Jehovah choose for yourselves today whom you will serve, either the gods from across the River, whom your fathers served, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve Jehovah. (16) And the people answered and said, far be it from us that we would forsake Jehovah to serve other gods;

Words of Ministry

I would like to speak specifically to the heads of households. The head of a family has the special responsibility before God for bringing his whole household to the Lord and to His service. The head of the household can decide for his entire household. Even if the little children do not believe, you can still say that your household will believe in the Lord, because this household is yours and not your children’s. You are responsible for your household, not your children. You can declare Joshua 24:15 before the Lord and before your whole family: “As for me and my house, we will serve Jehovah.” You have to acknowledge that your family is a believer’s family.

Always lay hold of this fact: I am the head of my family, and my family will believe in God. I have decided that this family will be a family that worships God. I have decided that this family will be a family that believes in the Lord. If you declare this with faith, and if you exercise your authority to take the lead, your children will go along. The household is yours, and you have the power to decide whether this house will serve the Lord. When you take this stand, everyone who is under you will come to the Lord; they will have no other way to take. This is marvellous!

Bible verses are taken from the Recovery Version of the Bible and Words of Ministry from Watchman Nee, Messages for Building Up New Believers, pp. 317-318. Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA