About Us

Our History

In the mid-70s a number of families in nearby Wilmot Township commenced meeting in their homes. Saints from another locality came up regularly to support and to strengthen these meetings. In turn, for a number of years, the saints from Wilmot would travel to the other locality on the Lord’s Day for mutual encouragement and blending.

In 1988, the saints in Wilmot started the Lord’s Table and met at the Kitchener YWCA. Since 2000, the saints started meeting in the K-W (Kitchener-Waterloo) Bilingual School for the Lord’s Day morning meetings and for the prayer meetings. Later, in 2007, the church started meeting on Lord’s Day in Country Hills Community Centre.

A couple of years ago, the church acquired a property at 2222 Snyder’s Road East in Wilmot Township, just outside Kitchener. We meet in Units 4 and 5 of the building on this property.

On every Lord’s Day, we have a joint Table meeting in the morning, followed by various fellowship topics and concluded by a prophesying time. Throughout the week the saints gather for various meetings, often in homes, in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, and Wilmot.

Our labour includes work with the children, the young people and the college work. With the forty children we care for, we conduct regular Lord’s Day children’s meetings, a bi-weekly sixth grade class to prepare that age group for the annual children’s gospel conference and for all the children we have a summer Bible Camp.  The YP are cared for in a Friday evening meeting, a Lord’s Day morning meeting, participation in fall and spring retreats and attendance at the Summer School of Truth.

The college work covers two universities in Waterloo and one in Guelph. This work includes on-campus Bible studies, small groups, one-on-one meetings with gospel contacts and other Christians, participation in two annual retreats and outreach on the part of local families who open their homes to “adopt” one to three students whom they shepherd on a regular basis.

The church has been blessed with the addition of saints from around Ontario and other parts of Canada, who moved to the area for school or work. A number of mainland Chinese saints have also been added either through the gospel or migration. We have also seen the addition of new believers, who are loving and pursuing the Lord.

In 2004, a bible study commenced in nearby Guelph, a city of some 130,000. Most of the saints attending, at first, were former Catholic charismatics, who loved the Lord and were seeking for more of the riches in the Word and a deeper experience of Christ. After a short while, these saints sought out the meeting in Kitchener, and started meeting there regularly and eventually entered into the serving in the church. They all got into the ministry covering many of the life studies of the Bible, reading and studying the recovery version of the Bible, using the Holy Word for Morning Revival, and attending conferences and trainings.

In 2011, they welcomed a team of FTTA trainees and full-timers for a GTCA move in Guelph. This visit strengthened and encouraged the saints there. Since then, new families have moved into the area and are meeting with the saints there. Also, some families from Kitchener and Milton meet the saints in Guelph for the prayer meeting, Bible study and Friday night fellowship time. We are praying that the Lord will soon establish His testimony there, as the church in Guelph.

To learn more about the church in Kitchener, please see: churchinkitchener@gmail.com.

Our Beliefs

We hold the faith which is common to all the believers (Titus 1:4, Jude 3):

Concerning the Bible

We believe that the Holy Bible is the complete divine revelation verbally inspired by the Holy Spirit. (2 Pet. 1:21, 2 Tim. 3:16)

Concerning God

We believe that God is the only one Triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Spirit – co-existing equally from eternity to eternity. (1 Tim. 2:5a, Matt. 28:19)

Concerning the Person & Work of Christ

    1. We believe that the Son of God, even God Himself, became incarnated to be a man by the name of Jesus, born of the virgin Mary, that He might be our Redeemer and Saviour. (John 1:1, John 1:14)
    2. We believe that Jesus, a genuine man, lived on this earth for thirty-three and a half years to make God the Father known to men.
    3. We believe that Jesus, the Christ anointed by God with His Holy Spirit, died on the cross for our sins and shed His blood for the accomplishment of our redemption. (1 Pet. 2:24, Eph. 1:7a)
    4. We believe that Jesus Christ, after being buried for three days, resurrected from the dead physically and spiritually and that, in resurrection, He has become the life-giving spirit to impart Himself into us as our life and our everything. (1Cor.15:4, 45)
    5. We believe that after His resurrection Christ ascended to the heavens and that God has made Him the Lord of all. (Acts 1:9, Acts 2:33, Acts 2:36)
    6. We believe that after His ascension Christ poured down the Spirit of God to baptize His chosen members into one Body and that the Spirit of God, who is also the Spirit of Christ, is moving on this earth today to convict sinners, to regenerate God’s chosen people, to dwell in the members of Christ for their growth in life, and to build up the Body of Christ for His full expression.
    7. We believe that at the end of this age Christ will come back to take up His members, to judge the world, to take possession of the earth, and to establish His eternal kingdom. (1Thes.2:19)

Concerning Believers & the Church

    1. We believe that whenever any person repents to God and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, he is regenerated (born again) and becomes a living member of the one Body of Christ (Acts 20:21, John 3:3, Eph. 1:22-23, Rom. 12:5)
    2. We believe that the overcoming saints will reign with Christ in the millennium and that all the believers in Christ will participate in the divine blessings in the New Jerusalem in the new heaven and new earth for eternity.

Quoted from The Beliefs and Practices of the Local Churches. Copyright © 1978 Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Our Standing

  • We stand on the Holy Scriptures, not according to any traditional interpretations, but according to the pure Word of God.
  • We stand on Christ, the living rock, the foundation stone, the Head of the Body, and the life and reality of the church.
  • We stand on the genuine unity of the Body of Christ. We are not sectarian, nor denominational, nor non-denominational, nor interdenominational.
  • We stand on the ground of the oneness of all believers in each locality; we recognize all the blood-redeemed ans Spirit-regenerated

Our Mission

  • To preach the gospel of grace and of the kingdom to sinners that they may be saved.
  • To minister the life supply to believers that they may grow in Christ.
  • To establish and maintain the church in the city of Kitchener that the believers may become a local expression of Christ in practicality.
  • To release the living and rich word of God from the Holy Scriptures that the believers may be nourished to grow and mature.
  • To build up the Body of Christ so that the Bride may be prepared for the coming back of Christ as the Bridegroom.

Our Hope

  • We hope that as many as ordained by God to eternal life will believe in the Lord Jesus.
  • We hope that all regenerated Christians will seek the growth in life, not the mere increase of knowledge.
  • We hope that all seeking Christians will see the vision of the church and come into the practical church life in their locality.
  • We hope that the Lord will have a remnant of overcomers that His Bride may be prepared.
  • We hope that the coming back of the Lord will be hastened by our growth and that we may participate in the blessed rapture and in His coming kingdom.

A Word of Testimony

We wish to conclude with a word of testimony concerning our experience of Christ and our practice of the church life. We testify to all that the Lord is bringing us back to our first love for Himself, back to Himself as our life and our everything. We have come to know the Lord Jesus as the altogether lovely One, as the fairest among ten thousand. The most charming and attracting person in the universe, He has won our hearts and has drawn out of us a fervent love for Him and devotion to Him. As Mary broke the alabaster box and anointed the Lord, we desire to pour our ourselves upon Him. This desire is fittingly expressed in a stanza of a hymn written by a brother in one of the churches.

We testify that our hearts have been captured not by a teaching, nor by a practice, nor by a movement—we have been conquered by a wonderful persons, even by Christ Himself. Above all else, we wish to bear testimony to God, to man and to the principalities and powers that this lovely One is worthy of all we are and have. Our first responsibility and calling is to testify of Him by manifesting what He is in us and to us. May the Lord bring us all to the point where we can say with the Apostle Paul, “To me to live is Christ.”

Along with the enjoyment of this unsearchable, all-inclusive Christ, we have the privilege of participating in recovery of the practical church life. Today, by His mercy and grace, the Lord is bringing us back to the beginning, back to the enjoyment of Christ and to the practice of the church life.

Quoted from Our Beliefs and Practices—by the Co-workers in the Lord’s Recovery. Used by permission.